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The library adds a thin layer on top of lru\expirable cache.

Cache name Constructor Defaults Description
LruCache lcw.NewLruCache keys=1000 LRU cache with limits
ExpirableCache lcw.NewExpirableCache keys=1000, ttl=5m TTL cache with limits
RedisCache lcw.NewRedisCache ttl=5m Redis cache with limits
Nop lcw.NewNopCache Do-nothing cache

Main features:

  • LoadingCache (guava style)
  • Limit maximum cache size (in bytes)
  • Limit maximum key size
  • Limit maximum size of a value
  • Limit number of keys
  • TTL support (ExpirableCache and RedisCache)
  • Callback on eviction event (not supported in RedisCache)
  • Functional style invalidation
  • Functional options
  • Sane defaults

Install and update

go get -u


package main

import (

func main() {
    o := lcw.NewOpts[int]()
    cache, err := lcw.NewLruCache(o.MaxKeys(500), o.MaxCacheSize(65536), o.MaxValSize(200), o.MaxKeySize(32))
    if err != nil {
        panic("failed to create cache")
    defer cache.Close()

    val, err := cache.Get("key123", func() (int, error) {
        res, err := getDataFromSomeSource(params) // returns int
        return res, err

    if err != nil {
        panic("failed to get data")

    s := val // cached value

Cache with URI

Cache can be created with URIs:

  • mem://lru?max_key_size=10&max_val_size=1024&max_keys=50&max_cache_size=64000 - creates LRU cache with given limits
  • mem://expirable?ttl=30s&max_key_size=10&max_val_size=1024&max_keys=50&max_cache_size=64000 - create expirable cache
  • redis:// - create redis cache
  • nop:// - create Nop cache

Scoped cache

Scache provides a wrapper on top of all implementations of LoadingCache with a number of special features:

  1. Key is not a string, but a composed type made from partition, key-id and list of scopes (tags).
  2. Value type limited to []byte
  3. Added Flush method for scoped/tagged invalidation of multiple records in a given partition
  4. A simplified interface with Get, Stat, Flush and Close only.


  • In all cache types other than Redis (e.g. LRU and Expirable at the moment) values are stored as-is which means that mutable values can be changed outside of cache. ExampleLoadingCache_Mutability illustrates that.
  • All byte-size limits (MaxCacheSize and MaxValSize) only work for values implementing lcw.Sizer interface.
  • Negative limits (max options) rejected
  • The implementation started as a part of remark42 and later on moved to go-pkgz/rest library and finally generalized to become lcw.