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Provides helpers on top of mongo-go-driver

Version 2, for the official mongo-go-driver

note: version 1 (mgo based) is deprecated

  • Install and update - go get -u

  • Connect - Connects with mongo url and return mongo client. Supports extra url params to pass a set of custom values in the url, for example "mongodb:// Connect returns mongo.Client as well as the map with all extra key/values. After connect call it also tries to ping the mongo server.

    opts := options.Client().SetAppName("test-app")
    m, params err := Connect(ctx, opts, "mongodb://", "debug", "name")
    if err != nil {
        panic("can't make mongo server")
    log.Printf("%+v", params) // prints {"debug":true, "name":"abcd"} 
  • BufferedWriter implements buffered writer to mongo. Write method caching internally till it reached buffer size. Flush methods can be called manually at any time.
  • WithCollection sets collection name to write to
  • WithAutoFlush sets auto flush duration

  • PrepSort - prepares sort object bson.D from strings like "a,-b"

  • PrepIndex - prepares index object driver.IndexModel from strings like "a,-b"


  • mongo.MakeTestConnection creates mongo.Client and mongo.Collection for url defined in env MONGO_TEST. If not definedmongodb://mongo:27017 used. By default it will use random connection with prefix test_ in test DB.
  • MakeTestConnectionWithColl creates mongo.Client and mongo.Collection with a custom collection name.

Both methods return mongo.Client and mongo.Collection which can be used for testing. It also returns teardown func to clean mongo after the test.